Friday, August 21, 2009

Justin's Super Mario Cake

Back in June was my baby nephew Justin's first birthday. Now, he's a kid who's spent his entire life getting hand me downs and being neglected for his diva of a brother Jayden. Poor kid even eats left overs that his big bro can't finish! (Lol) I had made Jayden a three tier Elmo cake for his first birthday. Yes, I know... a three tier cake for a one year old is a bit much, but that's what my sister wanted.

Justin needing attention on his birthday.

The boys LOVE Super Mario Kart. I think Jayden's first words were Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Bowser, mom, then dad and in that order. Justin mimics all the cars and cheering noises. It's hilarious to see my parents playing the game with so much concentration you'd think they were defusing a bomb while the two grandkids are squished between them screaming out their Mario lingo. I don't think we could have choosen a better theme.

My sister started giving me pictures of extreme cakes which were way beyond my skill level. There was one with Mario punching out of the cake (I think it's from Su-Yin) and my favorite, one that was four tiers with a castle and all the Mario Kart characters.

I searched high and low and couldn't find one I liked or could make, so instead I designed one from scratch. I used Cake Journal's tutorial to make a fondant plague that goes on top of the cake. I googled the internet and picked a Super Mario's coloring page. My original picture was a Super Mario Kart one, but it was too detailed to make the plague. Instead I opted for the Mario and Luigi a.k.a. Justin and Jayden. (Lol) My royal icing and the weather did give me some difficulty, but I think the outcome was not bad for a first try.

I made the rest of the decorations with marshmallow fondant. The stars were made with star cookie cutters, the clouds from five petal blossom cutter, the trees from circle cutters then I elongated then with a rolling pin, the mushrooms were cut from tiny circle cutters then smooshed into shape, and the turtles were just rolled into little ovals wrapped with white fondant strips and imprinted with crossing lines using the back of a knife.

Oh, and the cake was a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting layered with mini chocolate chips and toasted pecans. It was good. In the end, Justin was king for the day and that was all that mattered. :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Kitty Pops

Hello again!! I know, I've been bad. Even I was starting to think I had truly given up on the blogging. Blame it on my new time consumer, Facebook. :P

However, recently I've been baking again and am excited about some of the creations I have made. Like these Hello Kitty Cake Pops. Aren't they just the cutest! I got my inspiration from Bakerella. She comes up with the best cake pop ideas.

My sister asked me to make the desserts for her house warming party. I made a pineapple upside-down cake, a chocolate cheesecake, key lime tarts, and chocolate truffles. She's not really into Hello Kitty, but her two little boys always fight over our baby sister's stuffed Kitty, so I thought I would make them some pops just for fun.

They were mint chocolate pops and were consumed quite greedily by my nephews and all their guests. Now if only I knew how to make Super Mario pops, then I would be the best aunt ever!! Oh, Bakerella, I have a challenge for you. :P