Friday, March 25, 2011

Eggs Benedict

Whenever my husband and I go out for breakfast, I always gravitate to eggs benedict. There's just something about the rich hollandaise over soft poached eggs. The ham and English muffin are just a bonus in my mind. My fave is when a restaurant has special eggs benie like a Salmon Benie or I once had a Cuban Benie. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. LOL

One morning, I was feeling adventurous and really had a hankering for eggs benedict. Rather than our usual oatmeal or congee for our usual at home breakfast, I decided to give eggs benedict a try. I searched All Recipes for a simple yet highly ranked hollandaise sauce. I had to make sure I had all the ingredients at home. The Blender Hollandaise Sauce was the winner.

I poached a few eggs. I did both the swirling and vinegar methods; it was a bit messy but it did the trick. Toasted some bagels since I didn't have English muffins. Topped them with some ham and baby leaf spinach; gently laid the eggs on top and drizzled the super yummy, super easy (and super yellow since I only had Omega 3 brown eggs - the yolks are orange!) hollandaise sauce. Wow, it was definitely restaurant worthy!