Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pajo's The Wharf at Steveston

Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver! It's this summer weather that made me fall in love with this city. The days last forever; it's not too hot with just a light breeze. The trees and flowers around town are in full bloom. Work days seem to end after lunch, so we Vancouverites can head to the waters, mountains, streets, patios, balconies, and parks to get our daily dose of sunshine. It's the perfect place! It's the Okay, I'm going to quit while I'm ahead because once you get me started, I can't stop. :P

Once the sun starts to shine I get the itch to head to me favorite outdoor eatery, Pajo's. I've had many fish and chips in my lifetime, but Pajo's (especially the one on The Wharf) is one of the best. They only open during sunny days which makes eating outsie so much more special.

Their menu selection is consists of fish (cod, salmon, and halibut), burgers (which are some of the yummiest burgers in town), hot dogs, sides (which I never seem to make room for), and of course chips or better known on this side of the pond, fries. The fish and chips are served in paper cones which are too cute. And all their tables have holes in them to put your cones in for easy handling. They supply you with an abundant of condiments including tartar sauce, malt vinegar, ketchup, lemon,...

D and I went late in the afternoon, and they were packed (as always), but the food was just as I remembered it, delicious! There would have been more pics except for the fact D ate all his cod and managed to grab 2 pieces of my halibut before I even finish taking pics of the building. :( But I don't really mind since I have an entire summer to eat at Pajo's.

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