Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cabining in Chilliwack

Hello again!  I've been MIA for some time, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  The trip was awesome, but I am also so happy to be back.  I ate so much and saw so much.  Between my sis and I, we took over 2000 pictures!  I know 2000!!  I've been trying to upload some of them onto my flickr account for the past week and am still uploading.  So if you have time, check out our pics.

I really want to write about all the yummy and questionable delicacies I've tasted, but I'm still sorting through all the photos and memories.  As soon as that's all done, I promise I'll share with everyone.

In the meantime, D and I went camping this holiday weekend with a few friends.  I've never been camping so I was very excited.  Well, we didn't really go camping, since Chris has a cabin, so it was more like cabin-ing.  

Chipmunk Peninsula

Chris' cabin is right outside of Chilliwack which is about 1 - 1 1/2 hours east of Vancouver.  We arrived Saturday and came home Monday afternoon.  It was a very relaxing weekend with lots of laughter and food.  I baked an apple pie, biscuits, brownies, and my yummy chocolate chip cookies which I made soft and chewy (by accident) by baking at 350 instead of 375. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take photos of the baked goods, but everyone seemed to enjoy them, and I didn't have to bring any leftovers home.

Chipmunk Peninsula

Each morning Chris made us breakfast.  And wow, he can cook.  He even made eggs to order for all six of us!  Beside the eggs, we had hashbrowns, sausages, bacon, toast, homemade strawberry jam (which tasted like fresh strawberries - Chris, I will be needing that recipe), and my biscuits.  Oh, just thinking about it now is making me hungry!

Chilliwack Lake

After breakfast we headed to the beach at Chilliwack Lake.  Okay, it wasn't a beach-beach, but it was as close to one as a lake could get.  The view was right out of a Kokanee or Coor's Light commercial.  It was gorgeous.  The girls laid-out, Joe went to catch us some dinner, and D and Chris just bummed around by getting lost in the forest, almost killing Joe, and tossing the football.  The water was so refreshing and FREEZING.  We found out the lake water is supplied by the melting glaciers on the mountains.  It was like jumping into a big glass of ice water! Every single person out there tried to swim in the lake, but no one lasted for more than 20 seconds.  Your toes would go numb just standing at the edge, but it did feel good in the hot, hot heat.

Joe fishing

We were out there for about 3 hours, none of us girls seemed to see much color, but all three guys have turned brown and red.  Maybe we should have bummed around with them instead.  

Joe wasn't successful in his conquest to catch us dinner.  So to humor him, we accompanied him to Chipmunk Peninsula, where Joe took off on his adventure and the rest of us got eaten alive by flies.  They were every where!  Right away we knew Joe wasn't going to have any luck since we could see the fishes were eating the flies.  But he wasn't going to give up so easily.  After circling the entire lake and with much coaxing from us, he finally returned to shore empty handed.  

Mossy Tree

He was disappointed, and we all had a good laugh.  Luckily we planned ahead and had brought steaks and potatoes for dinner.  Chris slow cooked them on the BBQ, and it was one of the most  tender and best tasting steaks ever!  I will have to try that next time at home.  After dinner Chris started the fire pit and we roasted marshmallows, watched the stars, listened to the sounds of nature, and enjoyed just being good friends hanging out.

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