Saturday, July 12, 2008

Greetings from Thailand

Sawadikah! Hello everyone,

I am currently in Bangkok,and this is my last night here. Tomorrow I will be heading to Singapore before visiting Maylasia. I'm so excited since I haven't been to Singapore or Malaysia. I've had a wonderful time eating and sightseeing so far. I took tons of photos, but silly me, I didn't bring the camera adaptor to download my pics, so at this moment I have only words to share.

The first night I met up with my nieces and nephew. They have grown so much since I've last seen them. It was so much fun listening to their experiences that has happened in the last year. Of course they miss D a lot too. Mimi is closest with her uncle, and she was heart broken to not see him here. She wanted to fly to Canada that night to see him. Instead I promised her we will bring D next time, and he will take her out. :-) I'm already planning the next trip.

After that we explored the temples and road a boat to the floating market in Bangkok. Unfortunately it was a rainy day, so there wasn't much to buy. But the photos are beautiful. I can' t wait to share. Then we headed to Pataya. There we got Thai massages, saw the famous Tiffany Show, went to Coral Island, road elephants, visited beautiful gardens and snake farms, watched traditional Thai dancing, and ate and ate and ate. The best eatings were at the street vendors and markets. There was so much interesting fruits that I've never seen before, and everything was so yummy.

I will update everyone soon with more details and hopefully with photos। In the meantime I will keep eating and taking pictures! Take care, everyone and see you soon!

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